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International Symposium on Photosynthesis Research in Honor of Eva-Mari Aro 2024

Symposium programme

Preliminary programme

Sunday, 8 September
Public session 1: Photosynthesis – the foundation of sustainable living
15.30Keynote Lecture 1 and scientific talks
16.30Informal networking
18.30Welcome reception at symposium venue
Monday, 9 September
Session 2: PSII and PSI – structure, photoinhibition and redox regulation
9.00Keynote Lecture 2 and scientific talks
10.30Stretch break and exhibition
Session 3: Light harvesting or photoprotection – when and how?
11.00Keynote lecture 3 and scientific talks
12.45Lunch and exhibition
Session 4: Thylakoid biogenesis and repair – from cellular machinery to thylakoid protein complexes
14.00Keynote lecture 4 and scientific talks
15.30Coffee break and exhibition
Session 5: Retrograde signalling in photosynthetic processes
16.15Keynote lecture 5 and scientific talks
17.30First symposium day ends, no evening programme
Tuesday, 10 September
Session 6: Regulation of photosynthesis in response to environmental cues – from cyanobacteria to plants
9.00Keynote Lecture 6 and scientific talks
10.30Stretch break and exhibition
11.00Scientific talks continue
Session 7: Systems biology in photosynthesis research – interactions between light reactions, carbon and nitrogen metabolism
12.00Keynote lecture 7 and scientific talks
12.45Lunch and exhibition
14.00Scientific talks continue
15.15Coffee break and exhibition
Session 8: Evolutionary insights into photosynthesis
16.00Keynote lecture 8 and scientific talks
17.00Seconds symposium day ends
19.00Symposium gala dinner at Turku Castle
Wednesday, 11 September
Session 9: Improvement of photosynthesis – towards sustainable agriculture and living cell factories
9.30Keynote Lecture 9 and scientific talks
10.45Stretch break
11.30Scientific talks continue
Round table discussions and wrap-up event with a Finnish sauna experience and dinner
15.00Departure to Herrankukkaro
22.00Back to Turku

Programme is subject to changes.